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At Spartanburg Transmission Repair Service, we know it can be a scary thing when you think there is an issue with your transmission! The engine and transmission are the most important components of your vehicle, and they can be the most expensive to have repaired. It is important to get as accurate of an estimate as possible. 

We will do everything we can to determine the issue and give you an estimate. What we will NEVER do is tell you that it is one thing when we KNOW it isn't. 

Most of the cost involved in engine and transmission work is labor! This is because it simply takes more man hours to do major engine repairs or repair/replace a transmission. 

When you need transmission repair in Spartanburg, call Spartanburg Transmission Repair Service. 

If you can even get an idea of what the problems is with your transmission, you might be brave try to repair it yourself. However that can be pretty tricky to even figure out exactly what the problem is unless you know the systems of your transmission outside and in.

Keep in mind, if you are incorrect, or can not repair it properly, is the time you will invest much more of a headache... and especially you have to figure out and consider, how much MORE money will it also cost to fix and get your vehicle back to running like you need it to?

If you've just noticed a few seemingly small things that make you think MAY BE something could be amiss. However, you're  a little nervous after all,  you've never had to take your car in for repairs around Spartanburg, and any transmission repair sure sounds like it be expensive. 

You have to ask do I know I’m not going to get ripped off or taken for a ride? 

How can you really tell if something is wrong and if the technician is being totally honest with you?

At Spartanburg Transmission Repair Service, we rely on our stellar reputation here in our community in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas. For years our traditional business dealings speak for us as technicians and professionals of integrity and skills you want to work for you when you need to get transmission work done on your car or truck.

Our dedicated team believes in Southern Hospitality and always are focused on treating our customers with respect and integrity and strive to give you the information you will need to make an informed decision for your vehicles needs, and help you weigh the short term and long term costs as well. 

Transmissions are important, here is a list of things you can watch out for:

  • Fluid odor: burnt in any way.

  • Grinding and/or whining noises from under the hood vehicle hesitation going into gear or it won't go into reverse at all.

  • Any gears seems to stick or won't change smoothly.  

  • Vehicle shudders or slips when the engine runs.  

  • Fluid colors change from pinkish red to black. 

The most obvious sign of a transmission problems is that your vehicle will not go into gears and get any movement at all. This sign may or may not be before or after any one of the previous steps, there is no real order for this to happen. 

Sometimes, the transmission can just stop working altogether, and this can happen quickly without any warning.

Here at Spartanburg Transmission Repair Service, we have plenty of technicians readily available to help troubleshoot your transmission issues as needed. 

Call Spartanburg Transmission Repair Services at 1-864-707-9877 with any concerns about your transmission or if you have any repair needs or want to schedule an appointment for reliable transmission service. 

A skilled technician will be available to help you from 9am -5pm Monday through Friday. 

We look forward to serving you!  

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